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Increase sales with the traffic you already have. You work hard for your traffic. But when a visitor gets to your shop, are you maximizing the chances that they purchase? When you optimize your products with Neat A/B Testing you can be sure that your pricing, copy and images are all optimized to maximize your shop's sales.

Find the copy, images, pricing and page layouts that work the best for your shop. Neat A/B Testing creates two versions of your product, the control and test version, and automatically switches between them every day. Neat A/B Testing records your visitors' activity to find the changes that will make you the most sales.

Simple interface makes optimizing your shop easy. Just choose one of your products, add the attributes you would like to test, and hit Start Test. We'll take care of the rest. Behind the scenes, Neat A/B Testing will track each version of your product and show you the results in an easy to understand format.

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